Monday, May 17, 2004

Mildly Drunk

i have spent today waliking around the markets... i tell you ... mad... just totally intense. and much more so than you would think

also, you would be right in thinking that yes i am a little drunk. okay. i admit it. i have been having fun with two of the designers from the department. all i have done today is eat and drink. still getting used to the money. sometimes things are so cheap and sometimes so expensive. an obvious statement, but when I eat a meal for 330 NT$ then buy a beer for 250 NT$ it makes you re-evaluate.

plus. a few points of listening to old boys playing mah jong under the bridge. going to the night market and being blown away. ... and apparently melting the kettle in my room as it for some reason does not switch off...?

ate sushi. oh my god. mmm

and i have to say that in general this is a really nice place. spent a good few hours walking around and the people are friendly. much more affluent than i expected.


woke up to a small tremor in bed - yes an earthquake. apparently normal. whoa, i went.

then went walking around. they kill a chicken for you at the market, then put it in a de-featheriser. then put it in a bag. 30 seconds. mad.

went to club after seeing a chinese rock band. They have an emerging sub-culture here that will be quite interesting to see develop. You begin to see skater kids and tattoos and attitude.


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