Thursday, September 09, 2004

Birds of a Feather

Just a strange photo of a bike carrying pigeons - surely on the way to slaughter!

The range of strange motorcycle - related vehicles you see over here is incredible. Everyday the ride to work yields another permutation on what is seen as possible to carry on a 150cc bike. I'll gather together the images over the next few weeks and show them off... they even extend to mini sized Harley Davidsons.

I have heard a story from one of my friends that he saw a scooter with a passenger on the back holding a medical drip in the air as they rode along - with the ambulance in the background syuck in traffic. It is common to see gas cylinders attached to motorbikes being transported to customers, families of 4 (plus dog), food vending stalls mounted on the back.... and so on. And of course the fork lift trucks on the motorway. Anyway - here is the first of the images:


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