Saturday, November 20, 2004

The worst coffee in the world

This coffee was so bad it was worth taking a photo. It was completely undrinkable. You can see the Hundreds and Thousands sprinkled on the top, which I have no real problem with. No, it was the white sugar slime that is usually found on top of cheap cakes in the 1970s that was so terrible. But I liked the cup.

Officially the Worst Coffee I Have Ever Had

A fairy keeps watch in the Ximen district

Wufenpu clothes market in the east of the city - an amazing place to shop, since this is where the other night markets buy there goods from


Blogger u know who>, < said...

i luv ur site

ur really good at photography
and enjoyin life

plUS t k x f o r t o n i g h t

keep it going n also your chinese studying

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