Friday, December 24, 2004

Flying home for Christmas

I am now waiting for my check in gate to open since I am 3 hours early for the flight. Very organised. Typically, I left packing until the last moment and therefore only had a few hours of sleep. This was delayed somewhat by wrapping your presents, which took absolutely ages... and I had my first web conference with my Gran last night!

I am in quite a reflective mood at the moment. An enjoyable place to be. My last couple of months have been quite hard and stressful, but I fell that I have come through them and learnt rather alot from some of the experiences. Certainly, I am harder, and more sure about what sort of person I want to be. Sometimes it takes a big test to prove these things.

Work has been good, which is novel. I am now firing on most cylinders for learning my design software / nightmare ProE. Boy has it been difficult to learn but it is a great feeling when people start asking you questions about how to use it!

So, 6 months. A little more. My Chinese is not as good as I want it to be, my life is a touch unbalanced and there are sure plenty of difficulties, but calmer waters (and a little more moolah) are ahead. Plus, cheap flights have been announced to Singapore, which is super good news.

At 8:00am I will take off for Hong Kong, then wait around for a few hours, fly to Frankfurt, run for the next plane and land in the UK at 8:00pm tonight! I just hope the HK flight takes off on time. Otherwise, I miss out on valuable drinking time with my mates...

Dreaming of England.

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