Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Nearing Christmas

I have not really written much in the last two weeks. I have found Taipei quite hard in the last fortnight because of work, and because of a that life seems to sway too much between that hard graft and rebellion at the weekend. However, several of the big projects I was working on have now drawn to a close and I can concentrate on Christmas, spending time with my family and reflecting on 6 months. I believe that when I come back in January things will be rather more in focus. Judge for yourself.

Anyway, far be it from me to bring down the festive tone! I have had some very nice nights out recently. On Saturday, I met up with my design friends from several other companies and we enjoyed a boozy sushi session at Jogoya.

Free wine free wine!

After, Gerd took us to a local bar called Cream but it seems that it had become a private members club fronted by a bathroom sales showroom. Undeterred, we headed around the corner to find 'So Nice'... it wasn't, so we ended up in the Irish Pub! (first trip to Irish Bar in Taipei - it must surely be a record for a European visitor)

Tanja and I at the Christmas tree near Taipei 101 ... from the inside (now you know how it feels)

View up the middle of the tree

If this doesn't make you want to drink Jaegermeister nothing will...


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