Thursday, April 21, 2005

Kyle's 'home party'

Kyle had a house warming party to show off his new apartment. It was easily the most impressive and well designed place I have seen in Taiwan so far, and certainly had a toilet with a fantastic panorama view over the mountains and Taipei. As is standard for a Friday night, however, the party started at 7:00, the locals arrive soon after and eat all the food, then we arrive at 9:30 just as they are leaving as a big group. It's always the same! Why?!

Still, we stayed and chilled out, and I met Fabian - Marta's ex from Poland (cool glasses).

Fabian, the telly (which stayed on through the whole party until we arrived), Marta and myself on the phone to July

Who is looking at whom? Oh my God! - Michael has the same haircut!



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