Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Taiwanese Accent!

Day three in Singapore was utterly laid back. I finally ploughed through the last 50 pages of Samuel Pepys and as such spent much of it in Cafes drinking in the atmosphere (and avoiding the rain). I did manage to get some more Indian food, shop for some essentials and then peruse the local fashion market, test driving my Chinese.

It was such a pleasure. You start the conversation in Chinese, they look at you slightly quizzically, then they reply, and as soon as you return in Chinese they have a big smile on their face - haggling is much easier when the seller is laughing and on your side! In fact, one lady guessed I learnt Chinese in Taiwan because of my accent - i was so flattered! How cool is that?!

Later, I bumped into Michael Designer and we went out for Taiwanese dumplings at Din Tai Fong - part of the same chain from Taipei. That was excellent, and amusing to be drinking Taipee in Singapore.

In one hour, I head for Malaysia, the jungle, and adventure!

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