Friday, June 03, 2005

Computex 2005

Visiting Computex - Taiwan's biggest electronics show, no.2 in the world - was a pretty interesting experience for me, mainly because it was one of the most memorable company events from a year ago when I first arrived. I have a feeling it was a slightly more sombre affair this year, but it may be in part to being more used to the environment here!

You can check last year's event here

One of the most arresting things are the hordes of babes touting electro tat for their companies. There seems to have been an alarming trend over the last year to make it slightly less sexist and rubber clad, but fortunately there were enough companies seeing the light this year to continue with the fine tradition.

Plenty of booty shaking - these girls clearly believe in their product

Michael approaches an AMD clown...

... and gets the desired effect.

NVidia splashed out on bored students with enormous bags.

And I am almost positive these ladies had nothing to do with the stand at all, and were simply craving the attention of the legions of happy snapping geek guys (me not included)


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