Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm Used to Hong Kong

It seems strange to say, but I am not used to being used to Hong Kong. It's supposed to be this amazing world city and here I am again meeting some friends and enjoying a beer.

I have to say though, taking the train from the airport is a total step up from Taipei. It has some catching up to do.

One night in Hong Kong! I fear for my health!

A little local printing shop on Staunton Street - HK Island

Two of my favourite Buildings - China Bank and HSBC

... and the evil Tower of Mordor / World Finance Centre. The lighting is just cool.

Soho backstreet on HK Island

I still get so many cheap kicks from the escalator ferrying people up the hill. It's the longest in the world.

One of my favourite locations in Kowloon - the young designer clothes market. A treasure trove.

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