Monday, September 11, 2006


I have finally got round to posting an entry about Andres - possibly the loudest person I have ever met, but somebody who became a great friend in his time here. He has now gone back to the US to continue study and prepare for stardom.

A native of Columbia, he was never short of the most fascinating stories. His family owns the world's second largest balloon factory and it was a source of constant amusement for Michael and I to tease ever more ridiculous stories. The most amazing one revolved around the eagles that frequented his grand father's office - the population convinced they were the spirit of his grand mother.

Anyway - some photos for y'all:

Well dressed as ever

Always the centre of attention - a night out with Marta and the Asus interns

Andre and I visited a coffee shop themed around the humble Thomas Crapper - sadly, the concept was not very well implemented (so much more possibility!)... and the food, served in potties, was indeed, shit.

Here's to you Andres!

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Blogger Dre said...

he's got a coolest name! :P

6:05 PM  

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