Monday, October 09, 2006


And so it begins.

Wake up, walk to the cafe, eat, read, have a beer, read, sun bathe, snack, read, walk to a different position, read, have a beer, return to your room, shower, go out, have a beer, read, eat, have a beer, read, study some chinese, read, have a beer, walk up and down the beach, have a beer, return to room, read, sleep.


It's a tough life

The view up...

Macro beach - the softest sand I have ever squeezed between my tootsies

Paying people to carry me around the island - "harder!"

The English Patient

Evening entertainment

Leaving on the trike - 'God Speed!' (I always wondered if that was an actual speed ... "Light Speed.... Warp Speed... no.... GOD SPEED!")

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