Saturday, October 28, 2006

God Squad

Tonight is the night of several large Halloween parties in Taipei. I put some thought and consideration into my costume and I have decided to go as a Mormon missionary - a plague of religious righteousness that has hit Taipei straight out of Salt Lake City. As if lifted from a David Lynch movie, they appear from the middle of nowhere, squeaky clean and cookie cuttered out, passing out leaflets to unsuspecting locals. I find the whole activity sick.

Hence, I am dressing up as a blood-sucking Mormon missionary tonight! - the basis of my little anecdote;

I went shopping today for vampire teeth and blood to have pouring from my mouth. Sadly, none of the costume stores had anything suitable, so I went to the local pharmacy chain, Watsons. I announced to the cosmetics girl that I was looking for 'blood red lip stick', at which she relayed my request to the entire shop - "THERE IS A TALL MALE FOREIGNER LOOKING FOR BRIGHT RED LIP STICK." I walked out with some deep rouge lippy and bright, shiny lip gloss (and even redder cheeks). I'll see what the results are like soon when I get ready!

This is what I am after tonight - wholesome, blood sucking goodness (image courtesy of Flickr)

I easily looked scary enough without the blood ... and we managed to create less of a costume and more of a disguise.

The God squad

Ludvig the Bible Basher

I had been looking for him all night

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Blogger Hiding in Asia said...

Thanks! The Sushi Costumes wound up being a huge hit. Luxy wouldn't let us leave and shoved us up onstage for the costume contest. (some lame-O who thinks a cube=an Ipod won instead. WRONG!)

Your costume totally reminds me of something outta Hell House:

Put the love of JESUS and the fear of SATAN in those damned nightclubbing ravers!

11:25 PM  

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