Sunday, November 12, 2006


Today, I had the pleasure of a wonderful hike with Ruth & Christophe (designers from Germany) and Markus & Evelyn. The weather was supreme, and it is quite strange to think that the weather back in the UK is probably cold and 'orrid. We are still in t-shirts, though there is a distinct chill in the air these days. We took a train out down the coast and arrived at DaLi - just past Fulong. After a very pleasant climb over the peak we had a wonderful stroll accross farmland with a light and coolness that made me think I was back in Blighty once again.

Stairway from Heaven

Bike & shoes under palms

Paddy's Day


Games with reflective things 1.0

Sun set bank account in the red

Games with reflective things 2.0

Ruth and Christophe have a cheeky laugh on the way home

The kids are asleep in the back

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