Monday, February 26, 2007

Tokyo Plastic

Back in Tokyo, and ready to leave after a few days staying with Kaoru. This time, returning has been fantastic, but very different to last time. Whereas with the previous visit everything was new and shiny, this time I more or less knew my way around the major locations. As a result, I focussed my efforts on Shibuya, Harajuku and Shinjuku ... I decided I wanted to know less areas better, rather than seeing more of Tokyo.

Anyway - gagging for breakfast, so I am hardly in the best mood to write!

Next stop - Yokohama and Osaka. I'll be bullet training in front of Fuji and claiming the cities for the Tokyo Shogunate!

View at night from Kaoru's apartment - thanks so much for letting me stay!

Old shack in Shibuya

Close up

Super glamour in Shibuya

View by day


Harajuku girls - a tourist attraction in their own right

A traditional Japanese wedding in progress at Meiji-Jingu, near Harajuku

And another! Don't ask me what is going on, but it looks like a scene from Star Wars

Omotesando hills, with live orchestral accompanyment

The Prada store - designed by Herzog & Meuron

Inside, looking out at all the poor people

Stairs - I am convinced photography was not allowed, but I had a nice looking camera, so who cares?!

Human traffic again, viewed from Starbucks

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