Sunday, February 04, 2007


I awoke to the sounds of diggers in the street this morning. This is not an especially strange occurence here in Taipei, but I was still rather surprised to see that they had dug up the entire street, with zero warning and no pedestrian access to the street! My door is third on the left.

I looks like the boys just tied the cable onto the digger and pull backwards, peeling the cable out of the ground!

Even more surprising was returning a few hours later to discover they had glued it all back together again!

Am I on the same street? (about 10 hours later)

I also had a marvellous day enjoying the chilly, sunny weather - two weather types that are not commonly seen together here. I cruised through MOCA, and onto meet Jade at DiHua St. festive market - the equivalent of a Christmas market back in Europe. The street was totally packed and defined the word 'RiNao', which is the Chinese appreciation of busy, bustling places with lots of shouting, music, food and flashing things. My particular favourites were the ever more improbable piles of shredded squid and nuts with the sellers up on stools shouting at people to buy them.

"Get your lovely shredded squid here!"

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Blogger Viki said...

wow, thats interesting. 10 hours?! aint taiwanese great?! hehe.
oh, and i love shredded squid!! :)

10:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much better than the 7 bloody months it's taking to do the Milton roundabout :) xJo

7:53 PM  

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