Tuesday, June 12, 2007


I have visited dozens of factories in my time, but I never lose my enthusiasm for seeing new ones. We were visiting a client's supplier to ascertain their capabilities, and I was just fascinated by the machinery. I never knew how fabric tubes were made before, but I do now - anything from about 10mm wide, up to over a metre wide ... though I am not quite sure what for.

Squared circle

The machinery was a funny mix of new kit and apparently reconditioned Japanese aparatus. There were alarmingly few safety barriers or guards, and for a gangly Westerner this proved to be quite hazardous - especially when dealing with rows of spinning needles and winding fabric.

In-house temple

Ta Ting Tumbler

I really liked their storage system, which reminded me a bit of some libraries that store books on mobile shelves. And their colour scheme was rad!

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