Thursday, September 13, 2007


Seeing Prince live has sat around in my Things To Do In Life list for years and years, and I finally caught up with the wee scoundrel at the Millenium Dome in London last Thursday with Phil. That boy knows how to entertain, I can tell you, and played a frenetic 36-song set that included many of the classics... and one song with Elton!

It was quite funny sitting in the new arena looking at the aged rocker belt out the song, and look back at the slightly tragic celebrities in Taiwan that I occasionally encounter and think ... 'what's so different?'

BBC: Sir Elton John Joins Prince in London

Purple Rain, in a shot stolen on my camphone (people were being chucked out for taking photos!) ... to be fair though, the guy is giving away the album for free, so it is hardly surprising that he is being paranoid about the in-show copyright.

The encore after the encore, after the lights came up... quite a treat, but we did miss out on the aftershow, where he played some vintage Led-Zep... denied!

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Blogger Jonathan Biddle said...

And the set list, for those that care!


let's go crazy

I feel for you


house quake

break it down...


wha's my name?

what a wonderful world ... Er

your song

little red corvette

I would die 4 u

under the cherry moon

new album? Love is a losing hand

diamonds and pearls

beautiful ones

sometimes it snows in april

cream "i wrote this song looking in a mirror"

da da da da (not quite sure)

u got the look

take me with u

my guitar


purple rain

long and wi§Onding road (elton)

crazy (gnarles)

I can't get you out of my head

nothin compares 2 u

if I was ur girlfriend

sign o the times

when dives cry

alphabet street

darling nikki

raspberry beret

8:07 PM  
Blogger CRAIG said...

Jonnys things to do in life list

1. Wet the bed.
2. Cry myself to sleep
3. Suck thumb + listen to Coldplay
4. Single handedly bring back "jazz funk" to the masses
5. Go see Prince.
6. Cry when hearing Purple Rain At Prince.

Good work Jonny - your lists fully complete now...

Glad your having fun - but a bit disapointed you went to see a midget instead of us.

Hugs + Kisses

Craig + Robbie

1:48 AM  

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