Thursday, October 18, 2007

Love & Money

Government support for exporting design in the UK is pretty strong, and the efforts landed in Taiwan last week, with the 'Love & Money' show rolling into town. Basically, a show case of the British creative industries, it showcased work from, among others, Zaha Hadid, Sam Hecht, Thomas Heatherwick and Jamie Hewlett. The work was supported by the de-facto embassy, British Council, British Trade & Industry and Design UK.

The two week event culminated with a Pecha Kucha show and I was invited to speak alongside Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility and Benjamin Chia of Elemental Eight - previously Designafairs USA.

The basic format is, 20 seconds for each slide, with a total of 20 slides, creating a total of 6 minutes 40 seconds - and you have no control over the slides. Believe me, a badly rehearsed presentation makes the 6 minutes feel like an eternity, while a good show flies by in a flash. The rock and roll of presentations!

Pecha Kucha night Taipei

Keeping the ladies awake - what are you looking at, David?

It's all just hot air, really

I had some important points to make - and thanks to Abe for the great photos!

I am trying out the Slideshare service, in order to publish the results. See what you think!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Impressive - you managed to find and wear a pretty sharp suit! xJo

3:34 AM  
Blogger Claerwen said...

Looking pritty sweet and smooth yourself in this suit. I'm sure a gold leather jumpsuit would also have looked hot and been totally apropriate - I'll send it your way when B is done with it XX

7:55 PM  

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