Sunday, October 21, 2007

Ride 2 Live...

After rather too much alcohol from the night before showing the British design delegation Shilin nightmarket, I got up early and met up with the team of riders from Asus as they attempted the ascent up the deadly Yangming Mountain.

As is often the case in Taiwan, there are trends in the air ... and in this case the trend is small-wheel bikes. Folding bikes. Moultons. Bromptons. All totally unsuitable for the climb, and all completely, immaculately clean.

None the less - a great ride, and I had the pleasure to show off the opening trail of the Graveyard mountain bike run to Markus. With the cool, sunny weather, it was a fantastic chance to say goodbye!

... Live 2 Ride. The boys are back in town!

Some more Flickr photos here

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