Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Chance of Rain : 100%

Well, it's been raining for about two weeks now, and I tentatively opened the Taiwan Weather Bureau site to check for the upcoming weekend, and was met with a blank stare of more rain. Fantastic. Except for Friday, where it seems we simply have slightly less rain. For some reason, my memory has blanked any similar periods of such weather, but checking back through the 'Weather' tags I see I am wrong, and indeed Taiwan has endured similarly mind-numbingly dull periods of atmospheric activity.

If you ask me, someone should do something like this. It's effecting my mood, and I spend most of last week nursing a cold, which was inflated to epic proportions by the stress at the end of the week and another car crash of a WeiYa. I think I can cling on though - this time next week I will be in Thailand caressing Margaritas and raising a glass / middle finger to Taiwan. It can't come too soon.

Not so much a weather report, as just coloring in.

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Blogger Grooving Fungus said...

the weather totally sux...but the trails are more fun when sliipery!

11:01 PM  

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