Thursday, May 15, 2008

FOUR Years in Taiwan

Four years in Taiwan ... boy how time flies when you are having fun (mostly).

People often ask me 'why did I come to Taiwan?' and it is a pretty good question. A yearning to see the world? Seeking a full pay backpacking adventure perhaps. Heading for the biggest Time magazine trend of the century in Asia and China - almost certainly.

It certainly seems to be working out pretty well so far, despite my frustrations and occasional bouts of uncertainty. I arrived not knowing if I could even stick it as a designer with a capital 'D', and I am now Industrial Design manager at Dell ... and hell, I was running the design team of the highest-profile bureau on the island. My Chinese, although stuttery, is still improving, and I am living in the hottest street in Taipei. That's ... pretty good, yeah?

But still ... I am camping just the same as at university (okay okay, I have a nicer bike and computer now) and I am not that settled yet. But perhaps I haven't been since the day I left for Glasgow in 1998 (was that really ten years ago?). Wow. Is that a long time or just a drop in the pan? Am I ahead or behind? Or should I stop struggling and just enjoy it a bit more?

The new job is making me feel pretty good about things. I am cycling to work each day and getting into the hills most weekends. Cooking more and more. Enjoying some of the good things. Still single - and that is grating, I do have to admit. 29 eh, old boy? Its been a roller-coaster nine years since the front number ticked around in Glasgow, but hey - wow.

And my Sis? Getting married this year! Puts things in perspective.

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Anonymous Fili said...

4 years, eh? :O

With 4 years here I'd say you're slowly evolving into the small yet elite group of Taiwan addicts/experts.

10:25 AM  

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