Friday, November 21, 2008

Shanghai at Work

It took six months, but I finally navigated the corporate travel application system to jump on a plane (well, two - I missed out on the direct flight) to run over to Shanghai for three days of meetings. A tough few days in the saddle, but I did manage to make some time to meet with fellow designers Gerhard and Klara. But it ain't the same without Anke and Lars!

We jumped in the 'Great Wall' SUV with a view to checking out the new bars and restaurants in the top the new Shanghai World Financial Centre - or, the 'Bottle Opener' - now the tallest building in the world at the roof (other buildings cheat I think with enormous masts and spikes). Although we couldn't get up to the helipad, situated in the middle of the hole, we did get a guided tour of the entire three floors of bars and meeting rooms, since the official opening is actually next week. Pretty bloody impressive, quaffing drinks above the Pearl TV Tower!

Blade of light

A quite remarkable view, floating above The Bund and the Pearl TV Tower.

Team Asia - Shanghai Chapter

... and after, we ran over to the Hyatt to stare down the 44 floor lobby. Completely nuts. If I had dropped the camera someone would surely have died - it felt more like something from Star Wars.

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...that Hyatt shot is amazing!


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