Monday, May 18, 2009

Taipei a-Wanderin'

Since I have now been in Taiwan an improbably long FIVE YEARS, and on top of that broke one year at Dell, I thought I would go and treat myself to a new camera lens. I somehow managed to misplace my old 50mm F1.8, so thought I would take the plunge and get the F1.4 upgrade. Abe, my flat mate, has the F1.2, which is an amazing piece of glass to be sure, but it's a bit big for carrying for long periods, and I didn't have a spare kidney to sell.

I am quite enjoying it so far, and also bought a polarising filter for my 24-105 L, since I thought I would be more likely to do landscape images with that one. All good fun.

Triple-double reflections

This picture was interesting, not for the thing itself (I rather liked the yellow tape while waiting for food), but for the reaction of one of the passers-by. He leaned in, asked me what I was taking a photo of, and when I explained 'of the yellow tape' snorted indignantly and strutted off.

There were some pretty serious anti-government marches this weekend, and I spotted the minor result of one of the rallies - they had crossed out the 'Chinese' on the Deaflympics signs. That'll teach 'em!

Lane positioning

Building at rest

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Anonymous NickO said...

Great shots here- I love the cropped MRT stairway shots.

The overhead of the arrows and scooters is great and on permanent display as my desktop at work.

1:33 PM  

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