Thursday, September 10, 2009

Shanghai Quickie

View from my hotel room - I am quite a big fan of the Renaissance in Shanghai - not super downtown, but close enough.

It also floats above Zhongshan Park, which I had written about before. It's quite a pleasure to drop in on the way to the Shanghai Dell offices, and get a little slice of everyday Chinese life before logging into the old e-mail.

Old dudes together, found everywhere in the world.

Pleasure boats, lined up for a weekend of action.

Practice makes perfect.

As has happened with Hong Kong, it's a little strange to realise that the regular trips I make there are becoming routine. When people ask 'hey, how was the Shanghai trip?' it seems terribly spoiled to say 'oh, normal' ... it just doesn't cut it!

I think much of that is down to losing some great friends from the city (now in Germany and ... well, I am not too sure), and I am building up some new links and all. It will get its mojo back, of this I have no doubt.

Next trip for me though, is of course Miami ... still blows me away that I will be there in a matter of weeks!

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