Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cambridge, Cardiff and Family

Little Red Riding Hoods - my jacket is red too! Ele - sort it out!

I am getting harassed by my sister to upload some pics of the Christmas holidays, so here I am, catching up with a few of the events from the last few weeks back home.

It sort of feels like a long time ago... but one thing is for sure; I am starting this year with a better mood than when I went home. The effects of seeing good friends and family. And I'll be back for your wedding sis!


The new 'Guided Bus' lane near my house that replaces the railway track, and is 15 years in the planning.

Say Treeees.

Are you going to pour it, or take photos of it?

The view from my bed since I was about 8 years old

The laaaaads!


My Favourite Granny and I pose with the 'Deng Long' that I sent her from Tainan.

Granny does her stand-up act


My cousin Cerys!! Cute!

Walking in Wales

Surveying the scene, before a thick blanket of fog descends

... and at the top of the hill, on the way back, after the fog lifted!

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