Monday, November 26, 2007

Jonny the Voodoo Doll

I have never had migraine in my life before very recently, but in the last month and a half I have been having about one per week. I think this might be related to sleep and being anxious about one or two rather big things, but it is still unsettling when a machine (my head) suddenly starts developing a problem it never had before.

My Chinese teacher, Austin, suggested that she take me to see an Acupuncture specialist, and after a dizzy day of taking drugs prescribed last week, I packed myself into a taxi and out through the crappy weather. What she did not tell me, until afterwards, is that she has never had Acupuncture, and now I know why!

The guy was really friendly and listened to my problems. We both agreed that much is probably sleep related, so he took my pulse, poked me a bit and came up with a programme for me.

Now, this is the first time I have had Acupuncture. I am not particularly scared of needles, but of course what they neglect to tell you is that in every case they are trying to find the nerve. It's quite difficult to fully describe what the sensation is like, but I suppose it is a mixture of electric shock, and someone attempting to pull out your nervous system through a small hole.

In my case, I had four needles inserted, and every few minutes he would come in to twang and twist them, punishing me for sins I have yet to commit. Lord know what my friend Nick must feel when he has has fourteen inserted to treat his gut problems. It was painful enough when I simply moved my hand, so I hate to think what it must feel like in the event of an earthquake, with all the needles hitting your pressure points in unison.

I am now pretty sure that the logic behind Acupuncture is basically scare your body into not having the problem again, but I have to say that after the event, if not exactly refreshed, I feel relaxed. Quite literally, I wonder if it is like pressing the reset switch and 'flashing' the memory.


These ones hurt less.

Pin cushion.

This one was exceptionally painful. Twisted nerve.

This one was painful in ways I can hardly describe. My hole body reeling in agony... and I was just so close to kicking the doctor in the face! Next time.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Back on the Wagon

After a week of solid rain and impending manic depression, the heavens finally cleared for my first ride of the last three months and the last in Taiwan this year. At last, Taipei seems back in balance once more (endorphines well and truly kicking in at this precise moment as I type).

The doctor pronounced me fit to ride again, and although I was taking it easy on some of the really rough sections it was amazing to get back into it again - especially on a new bike that feels as smooth and controllable as the one I now have.

For those that are interested, I also splashed out on a trick new fork yesterday to replace my Fox F100 RL that came fitted as standard equipment (and was a rather camp shade of creamy white). The new Talas is fully adjustable on the fly from 100 to 140mm and it just soaks up the action (and, critically, the gun metal grey really looks so so much better - I am a designer after all). It is also an amazing feeling to enter a climb section, flick the lever to 100 and feel the front end gracefully dipping, and with a second flick of the lever fire down the downhill with the raised bar and slacker head tube angle giving more confidence than I would have ever imagined with the old Rock Shox Pilot I had (which seemed to have a set of internal elastic bands providing the spring duties).

I'll be taking my old NRS back to the UK to ride and sell (after a quick clean), but it was nice to have my final weekend here back on track. There is surely some glorious riding to be had in 2007.

Previously in ER ... you can see a wee crack in the middle of the big bone on the right, just at the wristy bit (spot the Doctor!)

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wrist - Good News!

Saw the wrist Doctor tonight, had some X-rays ... and he says that my wrist is healing very quickly. Basically, it's 100% but I need to wait for another month before riding properly again ... but until then I can at least ride my bike on the street. Yeah!

And in a double twist of good news, Nick - a friend from the US and A - came back from the States today. His Dad was in a pretty horiffic car crash, and he flew home to be with his family. Luckily, he is in the middle of making a full recovery. This struck a little close to home - as I am sure it did with many young guys away from home. It could have been my parents, friend or loved one. This time it wasn't, and I hope it never will.

The flip side was seeing the way that this disperate group of people here rallied around with a barrage of e-mails accross the Pacific. Rather comforting.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Broken Wrist

Jonny had a crash. Wrist broken. Rather sad, since I am supposed to be diving next week, and my new bike arrives this Thursday.

And sitting in the hospital yesterday, I really felt a long way from home!


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