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Monday, June 22, 2009

Travelling Dick

A rather unfortunate choice of font ...

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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not Made in China

There is quite a backlash against Chinese produce at the moment, and it is affecting the well-known scare stories like eggs and milk, but also spilling over into other products that I suppose the marketers believe can get some traction with. Hence, batteries; the sticker says "Not Made in China" (非中國: fei zhong guo).

Made in Singapore, none the less - I didn't even know they had any factories there.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Beer Flavour Green Tea

While eating dinner at the local street-side live shrimp vendor next to the brothel and gangster hang out, we went to grab some drinks at the local 7-11 ... all I can say, kids, is don't try this at home. Sweet beer-flavoured tea is positively disgusting.

Beer Flavor Green Tea - Avoid!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boring Pie

It has been a little while I posted anything outside of the Taipei Times, so that must mean that it must be time for ... Gratuitous funny packaging shot!

This is for Taiwanese brand 'Boring Pie' spicy rice crackers, which was hilariously funny, right up until someone pointed out the Chinese name '無聊派' means the same thing! Hilarity ensued.

"Digging into boring pie
Getting out of boring time"

The Taiwanese do see eating more as entertainment, and with packaging like this, who can blame them?!

Boring Pie

Please whoever checks English - never ever check this packaging.

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

KMT Tablets

What better for your Taiwanese political stomach problems?!

"If you have troubles stomaching Taiwanese politics, perhaps you should try KMT tablets!"

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Friday, April 13, 2007


Eat delicious Guts!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

On the Ilan

Jade and I made a break for the border and jumped on a train to visit the delights of Ilan, on the East coast of Taiwan. Actually, it was the train ride I was more looking forward to - just getting away from Taipei is enough to give yourself some space from the stresses and strains.

Jade and I reflect for a moment

Tour guide

After all the textures in Japan, I thought it only fair that I give Ilan the same treatment

Taiwan Beer launches the new 'Super' can

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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Lonely God

Some rather intreresting packaging:

Lonely God - Potato Twists

And while we are at it, a new shop has opened downstairs from us ... simply, 'LED'.


LED - Light Emitting Diode - It must be a trend

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Bali Escape

Feeling the need to escape the bullshit of Taipei for at least a few hours, Nick, Grace and I took up the MRT as far north as it goes and hopped over to Bali on the boat. A feast of sights, sounds and smells it was more than worth it (and we caught James Bond in the evening which we all agreed was rather good).

Mesmerised by a calligrapher selling is wares

... but he's not tracing, honest.

Nick and Grace on the ferry

"Cool Smoke"

Get them young

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Harajuku Girls

We got in late last night. Roppongi. Mark as dangerous. The area I was told not to go was of course the first destination for the CSR crew boys here. A late night and a lack of sleep did not help getting up this morning, despite Tokyo being on our door step. Indeed, it took shaved ice with pure glucose sauce to kick me out of my stinker of a hangover. Roppongi.

Ele, Kauru, Junko and I live it up

Never have I seen so many energy drinks in one place - 'functional' drinks are huge in Japan, including Yakult and many other nutrition-packed liquids

Kauru ties the fortune knot to the bar in Asakusa (not to be confused with Akasaka - our hotel)

A local takes some time out to breathe on his Mild Seven

Kimonos were a surprisingly common sight - wonderful

After my shaved ice salvation and cruising around the Senso-Ji temple in Asakusa (confusing, since our hotel is in Asakasa) and emerging out of the metro to be faced with Philip Starke's Asahi Museum work, we headed off to * to check out some of the shopping and then to Harujuku to meet Junko and Ian. Harajuku, for those not in the know, is the place in Tokyo to see the bleeding edge, drop-dead fashions -the goths, the rockers, the girls wearing makeup to enhance ugliness, the school girls, the Elvises and the zombies. I bought some sunglasses.

Zombie woolly hats in Harajuku

Utterly insane Pachinko - I played twice in games lasting all of 20 seconds and I have come to the conclusion you need a hole in your skull to play, and another to keep slotting money in.

Dinner was Shibuya. A human hub, its road crossing is apparently the busiest in the world. It was here where I learnt that Ximending in Taipei gets its inspiration from. I swear, even down to the street lighting it was copied from this place. This was my vision for Tokyo and it happily matched it. Shabu Shabu was booked for dinner, which is a communal cooking pot with meat an vegetables comprehensively blew the doors off my local favourite Taipei version; I did not know it could be better. And I also did not know how much Japanese girls can eat in one sitting.

Shibuya - waiting to charge!

Ele, Ian and Kauru enjoy THE BEST SHABU SHABU I have ever had - and that is saying something. I am fairly sure my stomach became a solid ball of meat.

Back to Akasaka, and after meeting up with Ele's boss Gordon we headed straight for Karaoke to round off a great day in Tokyo - albeit a day with a rough, rocky and stormy start. Ending with Whiskies in the rooftop bar was perfect, and i have this feeling that I will be back in Japan sooner rather than later.

Singing our hearts out guaranteed sexy voices the next day

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